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What was your pregnancy addiction?

Recently on the What To Expect app community board, someone presented a topic of “what is your pregnancy crack?”. I found it to be an interesting topic because we all crave different things with each pregnancy. Is it truly sweets if you’re having a girl and salty things if you’re having a boy? For my first pregnancy with my daughter, I was a true carnivore. I wanted steak and potatoes (which is probably why I gained close to 50 lbs and had swelling like Sherman Klump’s foot.), McDonald’s orange drink and fries. I could also chug down numerous cups of cold water like a champ. For my second pregnancy with little Michael, I still loved my fries and orange drink, occasional steak, and candy bars. For my third pregnancy with Marshall, I loved slushies, sandwiches, and sweet potatoes. And for the current one, which is also a boy, I crave cereal, cold drinks especially Strawberry Lemonade, and Caesar salad. What was/is yours?

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