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Momedy Moments are motherhood's funniest experiences

(even though it may not be so funny at the time it's happening)

Momedy moment: As I get the kids out the car, I let them know "your behavior in the store determines what you eat for dinner". Then Bubs goes "oh, so it's bread and water then?"

Momedy moment: Marshall says to Bubs "Gimme that bag". Bubs replies "Um..we don't do Gimmes".

Oh! Mariah momedy moment: Picking Marshall up from preschool class, his face was red with tear streaks down his cheek. Mariah runs up to him and says "Aww...are you constipated?"

Momedy moment: I tell Bubs to hurry in the shower before it starts storming. Next thing I know, he's getting out of the shower. I say "boy, did you even wash your butt good?" He replies "of course I did. Wait...perhaps I didn't. Be right back!" as he steps back in the shower.

Oh! Mariah Momedy Moment: Riding in the car, Mariah sees, what used to be, Babies R Us. She says "oh we should go to Toys R Us and get some toys before they close". I told her "Toys R Us/Babies R Us are closed, including that location". She replies "No it's not. If they were, then how could they have 60% sale worldwide?"

Momedy Moment II: Check out the video below. As you can see, my (then 2 year old) son is trying to use big words in his frustration for noodles while my (then 1 year-old) son is sneaking a snack from the trash can.

Momedy Moment I: Doo-Doo chronicles.

5:45 in the AM (wkd day) Mariah is awake and running into the bedroom telling Mike she needs to go potty. I'm in baby Michael's room rocking him back to sleep. Mike tells her to go back to bed. Meanwhile Mariah says something about Boo Boo in her room. Then next thing I know, I see her coming up the stairs with a wet wipe and clean pair of pants. I say "Mariah did you boo boo?". She says "yes but only one boo boo, not two". I tell her to have her dad wash her hands. He tells her "Go lay down and give me two minutes". I ask her if she washed them and she says "Daddy say 2 minutes". At this point, I'm panicking as to what I am going to find in this room. So I put the baby back in his crib and creep in my room only to find Mariah lying on the floor looking at our TV. I tell her to go to sleep in HER room and she whines saying "I can't go sleep in my room. It stinks in there". So I hop up and escort her in there. I look on her sheetless bed and notice little boo boo smear marks. No biggie. I grab a wipe and wash that off. Put a blanket over it for right now until her other sheets get clean. Then I see her drawer open and other clothes on the floor. As I go to the other side of the room, the smell is overwhelming even for me (being a nurse and all). A pull-up still attached to her shorts full of green messy boo boo. OM to the freakin G! Then, I see a small trail of blotched boo boo on the carpet and smeared on some other clothes with a wet wipe laying next to them. Like R.I.P clothes. Then, I ask Mike why he didn't help her get to bathroom. He wants to act brand new and say "what? She boo booed in that room. Put her hand in it". Well first she's not a dog. And second, she apparently already put her hand in it. That's why I asked you to wash them.

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