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I Finally Met Kel…Dreams Do Come True

I can sum up the experience of meeting Kel Mitchell in two words “all that!” (pun intended). OMG. Dreams really do come true. In case you’re wondering how this opportunity came about, let me give you some background. As I follow Kel on Instagram, I noticed a post he had in recognition of his children’s book, Prank Day, stating that he was going to be Ringmaster at the UniverSoul circus in LA. He had a contest giving away a family pack of tickets for the winning families who submitted a video capturing your best April Fools Day prank. Normally, I avoid participating in anything of the like as it has historically been a day of remembrance of my paternal grandmother as she passed on that day a few short years ago. But weird moments kept happening that day that I just so happen to capture. The video (link below) captures Mariah trying on a shirt 2 sizes too big thinking that I was going to make her wear it for Easter, followed by Marshall and Miles getting tricked into thinking that they will sell their kids car for a million dollar, then Mike getting pranked thinking I bought him a shirt 2 sizes too small, and ending with Nickelodeon pranking my daughter (and maybe every other kid watching) as they had a real-looking bug crawling on the TV to make it look like it was real life. So I posted the video and tagged Kel thinking that it would just go into an abyss of other videos and just said if it’s the Lord’s will, I will win. The next day, I peek at my Instagram notifications and it says that “Kel Mitchell has tagged you in a post” and my mouth drops. I hurriedly click over to see the post and it’s Kel announcing the winners. He says my Instagram name and my full name. I scream with excitement “ahh I won and Kel said my name correctly!!” My heart races and cheeks hurt from ‘cheesin’ so hard lol. I tell Mike, my mom, and all my friends that understand why this is such a big deal. 

Fast forward to the day before Saturday, and I feel my allergies acting up. Oh no! I have to be well and in good shape for Kel. I’ve waited a lifetime for this moment. Literally since like 1997, I have had it on my vision board to someday meet Kel but never knew how or when it would be possible. After I went off to college, I kind of gave up on that dream. So I go to the Dr the day before and they confirm that my allergies are in high gear with my eyes itching and flaming red. They recommend some eye drops and allergy meds for relief. I return home pouring a sob story to Mike telling him that “every time something major happens in my life, either I get sick or a huge pimple shows up”. He throws back at me a reality check saying “you have to think positive and just be happy in the moment. Stop letting one thing ruin the whole experience. This is your homie that you’ve waited so long to see so just find joy in the moment”. He was right. I was re-motivated. The next day, guess who woke up with a pimple? Sigh. Aww here it goes. Ok well I’m going to show up like Ceely from the Color Purple movie like “I may be black, I may be ugly, but I’m here!” Lol. Before heading out, I prepped my book gift set just in case I was able to officially meet Kel and exchange as a thank you for the tickets and the laughs that got me through the hard times of teen-hood. I even added a stationary thank you card from Walgreens. We all headed to the show. Once arriving, the older kids sat with me and Mike & Miles sat in a diff section with their purchased tickets as well as our friends' kids sat near with their aunt. And there he was…sitting with his beautiful wife and kids. He was a great Ringmaster and the show was outstanding as usual. During intermission, there was time to take pictures with the Fresh Clowns so we got in line. Kel and his family were first to take theirs and soon returned to their seats. As we headed back, I look up and I’m was 5 feet behind Kel as he holds his toddler son. The introverted part of my brain is thinking “girl don’t bother him” while the saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost part of me is like “girl you better push through this crowd like the lady with the issue of the blood and touch the hem of his t-shirt to get his attention”. So I pushed through and tapped him once but no reaction. Then I scoot closer, tap him and yell “Hey Kel, thanks for the Prank Day tickets!” He turns around with Honor (his son) on his hip, smiles, and says “Heeey!! How you doing?” and holds his hand up to high five me. This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. I give him the best high five I have to give and also tell him that I have a gift for his family as a thank you. He accepts it and says “oh yeah, your book. Thank you!” as he holds his hand up for another high five. My day is fulfilled. I could’ve left to go home right then but we returned to our seats to watch the rest of the show. At the end of the show, I saw Kel taking pictures with some fans. Again, the introverted part of me was headed toward the door to get out of the crowd and endure this hour drive home. The other part of me was like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally get that one moment captured in a memory of a picture. So I went for it. I got a selfie with him and someone volunteered to take a picture including my kids. What a dream come true. As the moment ended, I thanked him and told him it was a pleasure to meet him and he said “same here”. Right then I understood the saying “He may not come when you want Him but He’s right on time”. It was God’s perfect timing for me to meet Kel, with my family, and share a gift for he and his family to remember me by. Who loves the Lord? I do I do I do-ooh ☺️

Hope you had a great Easter,

Yo! Mama Mesh

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