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Example of Fairy Reader Shout Outs! December 2021 edition

This month, we would like to shout out 2 special Fairy Reader's Club members! First, we have Rosemary from Missouri. She has lost one tooth and has learned most of her kindergarten reading sight words! Second, we have Michael from California who lost his tooth while eating Thanksgiving Dinner! He also recently received an Achievement award for earning excellent grades for this trimester! Way to go Rosemary and Michael! You both are amazing!

As always, keep shining like the star that you are!


About the Book

Children's book

Have you ever wondered whether the Tooth Fairy & Santa Claus know each other? Well look no further! This amazingly, fun story of Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy originates at the North Pole. It is centered around a little fairy named Tairy. Tairy started her career as an elf at the North Pole. Working there, she never had the chance to meet Santa Claus, but that’s all about to change. When Tairy becomes a tooth fairy, she soon finds herself on a Christmas Eve mission. Coincidentally, Tairy and Santa arrive at the house of a child, named Miles, at the same time! Miles is grateful for his reward from the tooth fairy and his gifts from Santa, but he discovers something unusual.


Meet Tairy

All-Star Elf turned Tooth Fairy

This book was not only inspired by my children, they actually helped to write it. We gathered up the ideas, added some fairy dust, and from that point on, Tairy was brought to life. Tairy is a beautiful, peppermint-scented fairy that wears glasses and loves to accessorize. In the book, you will get a glance of her world as she transitions from a hard-working elf to a magical Tooth Fairy. Your imagination will run wild as we take you through the world of Tairy and leave you with a surprise twist ending!

How many books have you read with a Tooth Fairy of Color, i.e. Black/African-American? You can probably count them on one hand. The 2018 statistics are noted below for diversity in children's literature. Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy features a variety of diversity ranging from the main character, Tairy, who is African-American, to the family of characters who appear to be ethnically ambiguous. 

Diversity in Kids Books 2018.PNG

Infographic citation: Huyck, David and Sarah Park Dahlen. (2019 June 19). Diversity in Children’s Books 2018. blog. Created in consultation with Edith Campbell, Molly Beth Griffin, K. T. Horning, Debbie Reese, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, and Madeline Tyner, with statistics compiled by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Retrieved from


$11.99 - Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy

plus shipping 

  • 1 Hardcover Copy

$25 – Fairy Reader's Club Special

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This package is a perfect gift for young readers, kids who have a wiggly tooth, or even for a birthday! Also perfect for lovers of Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy who would like to add to their Tairy the Fairy collection.

  • 1 personalized elf (name of your choice added in vinyl)

  • 1 Tooth Fairy doorhanger (includes pocket for tooth/money)

  • 2 special edition Stickers

  • 1 Toothbrush

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Christmas Cookies

Thank You

I am grateful for you taking a moment out of your day to stop by & visit. Hopefully you leave with a little something extra!

Special thanks to everyone who helped to make my first book & years as an author a success!

With each order, know that you are putting a huge smile on my kids' face as they see the success of their creation, as well as a smile on the child that is receiving this book.

Thanks for your support & take good care!

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