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My Story

Hi! I’m Kimesha (that’s Kim-EE-shuh, as you can imagine how often it’s mispronounced). Most people who are close to me know me as Mesha or MeMe, and in the dance world as well as Facebook, I’m known as K-Boogie. On other platforms, you can find me as Yo! Mama Mesh. I was born & raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I was raised by my mom, stepfather, and grandparents but give “props” and thanks to everyone who has touched my life in a positive way. I recently transitioned to Southern California.

As a child growing up in St. Louis, contrary to popular belief, life was good. St. Louis back in the day was beautiful and so many fun places to go. Over my grandma’s house, she had an open lot which gave the grandkids so much freedom. The cool part was that my other grandmother lived around the corner from her and she lived across the street from a school so we would play on the school court for fun. Both lived near a “corner store”, so we were forever asking for change or a dollar to walk and get candy and snacks from the store.

As for family dynamics, from my mom, I have one brother whom I share a birthday with. We are exactly 8 years apart, as I am the oldest. On my dad’s side, I have lost count of how many of us there are but they are all special to me.

School was amazing with various opportunities in public and magnet school, especially attending visual & performing arts elementary & middle schools. I was a dancer that performed in a group under the direction of my elementary school dance teacher. We danced anywhere from churches to nursing homes, from school to Variety Club telethon, and from local festivals to Walt Disney World. I always dreamed of either becoming a famous dancer with studies from Julliard and performing in the most popular Broadway shows OR becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. Well, when I heard about how much of a struggle a “dancer’s life” was, my dream was deferred. I put away my Julliard application, obtained my nurse assistant certification in high school and went on to study nursing at Truman State University.


Truman State is where I met my loving husband and had the privilege of sharing a dorm room with my cousin. How cool is that! I had the opportunity to join a dance team there. Also a little known black history fact, when I learned about the cheerleading team not being able to continue, I put a petition together, obtained signatures, and met with the athletic director as we worked together to reinstate cheerleading with parameters on stunts. I was an advocate for the sport as I was a cheerleader all 4 years of high school. JAGUARS!! As times grew hard financially and family issues arose, I transferred to Saint Louis University and completed their program to finally achieve my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Getting this degree, you can say I took the scenic route. My husband, Mike, and I dated for approx. 6.5 years before we got married. And 2 years later, we welcomed our first child, Mariah. I had a feeling that her personality was going to be big so I gave her 2 middle names. From then on, our fairy-tale will have forever changed. We enjoyed life with this little princess for almost 2 years before deciding to give her a sibling to play with. But who knew that a few weeks after delivering this bouncing baby boy Michael, that we would soon be expecting another addition…unexpectedly!

As for my personality, most people would describe me as quiet (yes I was voted Most Quietest in high school, boo), humble, funny, nurturing spirit, and a having a giving heart. I root for the underdog. And I love to put a smile on your face. I’ve had a lot of sad times in my little life time so any chance I have to laugh, I’m taking it. I have a special love for music, Michael Jackson, and still watch throwback Nickelodeon. Oh and Mama's Family too but you'll hear more about that later. 

My husband and I work full-time as we try to balance everything while caring for our 4 children, who are now 11, 8, 7, & 2. They weren’t always these ages. So with this site, I have lots of info & experiences to share and topics to discuss. Stay tuned!

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