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Here are some terms that you may see on this site:

Hot MOT - This describes any mother of two, three, or twin children. We look great!


Hot MOO - Mother Of One – this refers to moms who are caring for only one child. And they look good too!

Hot MOFO - Mother Of FOur/Five/Future - this refers to moms who are caring for four and/or five children, or future moms. and they know they look amazing!


Nem: the St. Louis style version of saying “them” or "the other people"


DINK: Double Income No Kids

BOO BOO: is another term for BM/stool/poop

STL or the Lou: abbreviated version of St. Louis

Acting brand new: This refers to someone who is acting like they haven't done or seen something before

Ashy: Dry; lacking lotion, grease, or moisture that results in white appearance on skin


Bugging up: laughing uncontrollably

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