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Summer At-Home Program: Tech week continues!

Hey guys! We had a great time for our first day of Tech week. Not sure if anyone is following along with the program but I wanted to provide the remainder of the plans for the week in case you'd like to plan ahead. Below are the cool activities for the rest of the week:


Today's focus will be on Microsoft Powerpoint. If your kids have never composed a slide or even used copy/paste features, you will be amazed as how much fun they will have with this and how quickly they will catch on to using it. I introduced my first grader to it last Fall and had him find pics of something that he loved or was interested in. I had him copy the image of cartoons and NBA logos and paste them into the slides of Powerpoint. For today, Make a slideshow of at least 5 slides (add images, text, & create sound clips) on one of the following topics:

  • How to Bake a Cake

  • How to Throw a Party

  • How to Make a Sandwich

  • Who would be in my Cartoon

Read 1 book for you Summer Reading Log

Movie recommendation: Meet Dave (rated PG) or E.T. (rated PG)

TV Show recommendation: Sid the Science Kid (PBS Kids)


This day is full of W's! Water day, Writing, & Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word: Teaching the kids some typing skills to become even more familiar with the keyboard as well as how to write a story on Microsoft Word. Allow them to play with font choices, text color, size, and insert a picture or Clipart.

Topic - Write a story of the Best Day Ever! (at least 5 sentences, if over grade 1; if lower grade or age, have them type or tell you words to type to describe their best day ever)


All About Coding! We will be using our Osmo to play around with coding. If you don't have one, there are some free coding apps and websites out there. One of which is for Code Monsters

Khan Academy

Read 1 book for your Summer Reading Log


Movie day! Today, the kids will make their own movie. Allow them to use the camera to record their own commercial or scenes of their choice. Cool apps to use are Videoshop (my favorite), iMovie (the coolest!), and many others.

Movie recommendation of the day: Underwater Dreams (Documentary film) or

Hidden Figures (rated PG)

Saturday: If you have a local Science Center that is open, I would encourage you to see if they have a virtual field trip setup so that you can explore as a family.

Have an awesome week!

Yo! Mama Mesh

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