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Summer At-Home Program: Disney Week!

Disney week is finally here, which means we only have one more week until the end of the summer program. Sorry for not putting up a post about the decision for our school district as it changed in the matter of a day (sigh, I'll tell you all about it in an upcoming post, I promise). This week, we will have a little Disney fun. Since we have had plenty of Mickey mouse & Frozen birthday parties in the past, we will put a spin on this week and have more fun in the kitchen. Also, don't forget to track your reading as I know this is the last week for logging your books in some summer reading clubs/programs. Here are some ideas for the week:

Monday - Toy Story

Activity: Make Forky (or what I call Sporky lol) Here's the link to a YouTube video that will show you what you need to create this fun character

Here's also a good resource for a couple other activity printable sheets including Toy Story BINGO!

Movie: You gotta check out at least 1 of the 4 movie series

Tuesday - CARS

Activity - Nail'd it challenge! This time, find a picture of a car built from scratch, school bus, or sports car and use things around the house to try to build a car that looks like the one in the picture. You can use a cereal box, boxed dinner box like macaroni & cheese, Velveeta, or even as small as an old Flintstones vitamin box.

Wednesday - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Activity: Cookin' in the Clubhouse! Here are a couple of recipes I found that we can whip up together. (Caution: Anything with heat/oven/stove should always be supervised by an adult)

Thursday - Frozen

Snack: Treat the kids to a nice frozen treat. Here's a Kool-Aid popsicle recipe that the kids can have fun making their own!

Friday - Doc McStuffins Slumber Party

Activities: You can save all the fun for the evening or have a midday slumber party. The kids can grab their blankets/sleeping bag, favorite stuffed animal, and chow down on some popcorn in Disney snack bags, marshmallows, and pizza as the main meal to make it all better. Turn on your favorite Disney movie and enjoy. How cool is that! Sounds like the "Doc is in".

Have a great week!

Yo! Mama Mesh

Throwback pic of Mariah at the Castle during her first family Disney World visit.

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