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Stretch Marks or Strength Marks?

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

“Stretch marks” is such a scathing term. Anytime a lady OR fellow hears those words, a positive image does not come to mind. For all the hot MOOS and MOTS that can brag about “I didn’t get stretch marks” and flaunt bikini pics, I applaud you. Good for you boo-boo.

Now go sit down. I remember the days of my youth when I didn’t have a stretch of anything in sight. I had the perfect opportunity to wear belly shirts but was so self-conscious of the way my stomach would be perceived, I kept it covered for the majority. It snuck out maybe twice a year when I tried to exude “fake confidence” during college years. But nowadays I look back and wonder “silly girl what were you thinking? Your stomach was da bomb dot com."

I lathered my entire body with cocoa butter oil, vitamin E lotion, Vaseline, and even some other products prior to pregnancy, every day DURING pregnancy, and even after pregnancy. Unfortunately, those suckers still popped up. The weird part was that I didn’t have any during the entire pregnancy of my first child, but shortly after delivery they popped up like they were late for a party or something. They became less apparent after the “snap back” but were still slightly visible, especially when I’m ashy. Over the years as I’ve come to accept the way my body has evolved as a woman and embrace such skin characteristics. I now call them strength marks because my belly had to be mighty strong to hold these 8 and 9 pound babies and I had to be pretty strong to deliver them. Why should I be ashamed of this proof of achievement? I worked hard for these and not everyone is able to have such experience. They are also a family heirloom as they have been passed down. I should decorate them, celebrate them, and reflect on three healthy blessings that God gave me. I look fly and hubby can’t deny!

(Photo of me taken by: KellyRoetto Photography)

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