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Prom Season: Your Most Memorable Moment

Yoooo!! It’s Prom season. Where all my high school babies? Well, sadly, you’re not babies anymore but always in your parents’ eyes. What are you gonna wear? Who are you going with? What color scheme are you going with? Do you have your ticket? Who’s hooking your hair up? Is prom even affordable? These are all of the questions that pop in every teens’ mind and may be more overwhelming than others realize. I’m going to be honest, when I was thinking about Prom, I dreamt 3 yrs prior of how it would be and how I would look. Then, when I found out how much the prom tickets themselves cost, I convinced myself that I probably wouldn’t be able to go. I was encouraging all of my friends to go but secretly, I was dealing with things like finding time for my mom to take me shopping to get a dress and shoes as well as the limited budget I had to spend. Most stores were selling out of the fancy dresses fast and shoes. I was not the best walker in heels so I had to find the perfect fancy flats. With the blessing from the powers that be, I was able to find a beautiful dress on clearance that was slightly big but I made it work and miraculously shoes that sparkle to match. Unfortunately, the color I wore did not match my prom date’s suit, but I was just glad to be there and have that experience.

I know there are some Prom fairies out there who can give some tips on how these kids can make it happen and also fairies that offer services to help kids through this journey with things like discount or complimentary dresses, hair styling, barber services, makeup, and even donating funds to the school’s prom committee to offer prize Prom tickets.

Tips for students

Prom date?: There’s pressure of finding a date for Prom. If you don’t have a date, find a friend or a group of friends that plan to roll solo and make the most of it. For girls, everybody pick a color dress and come in Spring colors like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Guys, come in some funky fresh suits or collaborative style. Or if you’re an introvert like me, don’t be afraid to go solo and enjoy yourself. Everyone will be shocked to see you there and it should be a fun night to remember. Make plans to eat pizza afterwards or something that you like to do, as your curfew permits of course.

Extra money: If you may be interested in purchasing things like professional pictures, school memorabilia orders, or for activities afterwards, be sure to bring along some extra funds.

Be safe: Be aware of your surroundings. In the world we live in today, folks are looking for opportunities where people least expect things like theft would happen. In your car or mode of transportation, keep things like money or valuables out of clear sight. Keep your keys, phone, and money close to you at all times. Also, not saying that this would likely happen at a high school event, but in preparation for college life and thereafter, avoid leaving your beverages (soda, juice, and water of course) unattended as you never know when someone may attempt to slip something in it without you knowing.

After prom: We all hear what happens after prom…White Castles right? Hopefully, everyone has had a remarkable evening, taken lots of pictures, and making the right decisions after prom. There should be no pressure to do anything that you don’t want to do and no need to “give in” to you know what. I’m just going to leave that there but hopefully you know what I mean. Other ideas: Someone’s parents or a group of parents could collaborate and host a small post-prom party or game night at their house. Your school could host a Post-prom Carnival where you play games and win amazing prizes. I know my husband told me his school did this and he won a TV. How cool! Just be sure you get some sleep to be present for Sunday service lol. As Cedric the Entertainer once mimicked of his female relative, “You aint gonna party all night on Saturday, and aint got time for the Lord on Sunday”. Love that guy.

Well hope these tips were helpful and can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experiences, past & present.


Yo! Mama

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