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Pre-K Graduation

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day as we celebrated Little Michael (Bubs) completing pre-kindergarten. He has been so excited about this day ever since the countdown began. Sunday, he even made sure to lay out his suit for the big day. Although we didn’t plan to throw him a party, I decorated the kitchen with balloons and party decor to make him feel special when we return from the ceremony. As we were leaving out the door, Bubs ran back in the house saying “oh I almost forgot something”. I’m looking like what could you forget going to graduation. He picks a clip on tie off the floor and pops it on his shirt saying “now it’s perfect!” A few relatives joined us there to show support. The Pre-K graduates walked down the aisle processional style. There was one little girl in front of Michael who clowned as she didn’t want to walk down. They told Bubs to lead the pack and he ran down the aisle. I guess he said “I ain’t got time to clown, I gotta graduate”. The ceremony was cute as they sang songs, spoke on the mic saying what they want to be when they grow up, and get their diploma with a pair of sunglasses. Of course there were tear-jerker moments as they showed a slideshow of their baby picture and graduation pic. My how they grow so fast. Mike has always expressed how he doesn’t understand why kids have so many graduations in life especially for preschool/kindergarten. I recently told him “hey, just think of it as our pockets are graduating. We have one less kid to pay full childcare for and that calls for a celebration any day. In addition, our child is moving on to big kids school and ready to excel at anything he puts his mind to. Bubs, happy graduation buddy!!

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