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Mama's Family...Vicki Lawrence was here

One item on my life’s bucket list is to meet Vicki Lawrence, i.e. Thelma Harper or Mama as most of us know her as. Well, I’m still a little short of that goal but I did get the opportunity to see her live in concert Saturday at the Ameristar Ballroom. Yes, she was in St. Louis. She was amazing! She sang, told jokes, and even performed a rap. I felt honored as she said “Yo! Mama” multiple times throughout the show. She probably has no idea that my site exists but I felt a connection lol. I told my buddy Britney “aye she just gave me a shout out” like the episode of Martin with Varnell Hill. Vicki told the story of her career through comedy which was pure genius. She touched on things like her marriages, parenting, Hollywood, and even her history with Carol Burnett. The seats were nearly sold out but the presence of “sun-kissed fans” was sparse. The majority of the crowd appeared about 45 and over but I was honored to have been there representing and paying homage.

The show “Mama’s Family” has gotten me through some of my life experiences. I watched whenever it came on television when I was younger and even watched it through all 3 of my labors in the hospital room. Comedy over contractions! Go check out her “Two Woman show” and you will not be disappointed.

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