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Let's See Those Pumpkins!

Do you make it a tradition to visit the pumpkin patch each year? In the Lou, we used to go every year as the kids would look forward to it. Lots of fun with hayrides, kettle corn, exploring the farm, and most of all, each kid had the chance to select whatever pumpkin they wanted. This year, things are different as both the boys had field trips to a pumpkin patch and since Mariah wanted to participate in the school Fall Festival last week, we just took her to the store to grab one that she could quickly decorate. I want to see some of your designs and décor for this year. Share some of your pics in the comments below or on Facebook. Below are a couple of our fabulous, creative pumpkins over the years.

Some below were done by us and the pics with lots of pumpkins were some amazing pumpkins done by parents from the kids’ school.

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