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Happy New Year from Yo! Mama’s World!

Though it may seem that 2020 may have “rollover minutes” into 2021, I am ever so grateful for all the blessings that God has given me and those that are on reserve for me in this new year. I am blessed to know you and to have received your support. We can consider ourselves triumphant as we have overcome some pretty tall obstacles. From losing many friends, relatives, celebrities, to surviving the pandemic of Covid-19, to pushing through those times of anxiety, loneliness, and depressed moments, to taking on roles we never thought we would like tech support and lunch lady or guy for our kiddos as they took on this new territory of virtual learning. Teachers had to dig deep to find a new level of patience and even reconsidered their career choices at times. Birthday celebrations were virtual or unconventional and caused us to be strategic in our creativity. The world gained a huge respect for essential workers and medical/nursing professionals finally received the recognition they deserve as being heroes. Postal workers and delivery staff became real MVPs as they worked tirelessly to fulfill postal needs and Christmas gift deliveries. And we all added a new necessary accessory to our daily wardrobe to ensure safety and protection whenever we left the security of our homes.

We made it guys! You did it! I pray that God continues to be shield of armor around us, that we have an smooth transition back to normalcy by Spring 2021, and that you achieve every positive goal you set forth as well as not only have happiness but May your heart be warm and filled with joy. As you ask for things and set goals, always remember to give back in some sort of way. Whether it’s volunteering or donating time or money, always remain a cheerful giver. Happy New Year! Love, Yo! Mama Mesh

~Stay tuned for an even more amazing year with Yo! Mama’s World!

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