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Exhaustion & Exercise don’t go together

Anybody else tired? I know I’ve spoken about being tired from keeping up with the demands of life, kids, work, relationships, etc but these days, it’s even more. With all that’s going on in the world from climate change to the tragedies of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash, I am mentally drained. Add that on top of the demands of trying to be super mom and hot wife, I am exhausted. While some people are working on their SnapBack for summer (and yes it’s almost Hot Mom summer lol), I’m working on my “Zip-Up”. A zip-up is what I coined as being not as fast as a SnapBack, where I take my time to gradually and cautiously get back in shape during this postpartum time. I’ve been doing some mini exercises at home, playing tennis, and going to the gym a few times a week. (Side note: why do these folks at the gym think it’s a fashion show or competition? Hogging the mirror, basketball court, and the machines. Move on!) Ok I’m back. This week, It’s hard to motivate my legs to hop in the car to go to the gym. And for home exercises, I’ll do some pushups or planks and just lay on the carpet like “that’s enough”. Last week, Mariah & I used Mommy and me time to learn this dance that Twitch and his wife Allison posted on Instagram. It felt so good to be dancing again. Just yesterday, Mariah’s like “mom can we work on the dance again?”. I was so tired, we ended up just playing with her dolls. As I get back motivated, I told myself to only watch the news once a day. Here in Cali, it comes on almost every hour and I watch it too every time I turn back on the Tv, which makes you even more drained and sad. I also have to count my Ws (wins) instead of focusing on the Ls (losses). I truly am exercising every time I carry the car seat or make frequent trips up and down the steps or even when I’m pumping. Let’s start 2020 over and reset it to start Feb 1st. Ready? Let’s get it! Here’s a sample video of my workout comeback:

With love & sleepiness,

Yo! Mama

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