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Are Mike and the Rams getting back together? 😮

Anybody that knows Mike, knows that he used to be a die hard Rams fan. He was the loudest fan in the stands, yelling at the TV, and like Miss Bonita from In Living Color, ”don’t nobody say nothing bad about” the St. Louis Rams. Until...they moved to Los Angeles. He was devastated. Turned the Jerseys inside out. We have a wall painted in the basement that says Rams and he covered it up. People would ask “what’s wrong with Mike?” I’d respond “he’s going through a divorce”. They’d look shocked and I’d have to quickly follow up with “oh not from me! A divorce from the Rams”. So much time, money, and memories were dedicated to them and they just up and leave for a little extra green grass. Just recently though, I saw him sneaking a peek back at his ex. He debated on watching the Super Bowl and ended up being glued to the screen with a small glimmer of hope for them to win. Sadly, they lost, but something else happened. He recently was offered a position in California and...he accepted! That’s right, we are moving to Cali. Breaking news!! It is bittersweet as we have lived in STL all of our lives and will rep it til we leave the earth, but are so excited for this next venture of life. We told the kids and they took it well though Mariah is most sad about losing her friends. I will miss my friends and family dearly so I’m counting on y’all to check in on me and visit sometime or link up when I’m back in the Lou. So going back to original question, will there be a reunion with Mike & the Rams? 🤔

Smooches! -Yo! Mama Mesh

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