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Yo! Mama's Summer Program

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The school year is ovaaa!! So now what? Many summer camps have been canceled, summer schools will not be in session, and everybody can't go over their grandparent's or cousin's house. Plus, all the fun stuff is still closed, i.e. Disney parks, Six Flags, Chuck E. Cheese, water parks & pools. What do you have planned? What's your plan B? We know, if we let them, kids will sleep most of the morning, play video games all day, wear out the refrigerator door, and stay up all night. Now don't get me wrong, they do deserve a break and to have some fun, however, us adults still have to work and need for them to have a little structure, especially since this school year was cut short. The most difficult part is the unknown. Not knowing the gameplan for the upcoming school year. Will they have to go to school in shifts? Will they remove recess or gym activities? Will they have some days with virtual learning? Aye government & school districts, we need answers fam! I feel they should at least make an effort to retrieve some feedback from the parents on possible solutions, pros & cons. Okay enough of my soap box.

I will be sharing the summer program I designed for the kiddos and hope to update various times throughout the week on each day's plans, so feel free to follow along and incorporate in your summer schedule as well! I asked them to give me ideas on what themes they would like and filled in the rest. Below is a sneak peek. We will be kicking off the summer with SPORTS WEEK! I will be adding the links to the site so that you can access the materials to print worksheets, coloring pages, and more. The major and national leagues have some pretty cool stuff out there.

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