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Teens, PreTeens, and In-beTweens: Your Maid Service Has Left The Building

You have 7 years or less before you may possibly be out on your own. No we are not “kicking you out” when you graduate or turn 18. However, should you choose to go to college or become more independent, we need to equip you with the tools to survive and be respectable citizens in the real world. Tools include “good home training”. This may be defined as how to behave and speak in public, how to wash clothes and fold laundry, how to cook, how to clean dishes, how to budget and manage money, how to pray, and even how to set goals. But one of the most important things when you share a dorm room or get an apartment of your own is “cleaning up behind yourself”. That magical elf (mom/dad/grandma) that makes that bowl or plate disappear from your spot after you eat and walk away will no longer have a contract to “work for you”. Best wishes on your socks finding their mate after you take them off and toss them like confetti. In a matter of time, you’ll have your own toilet to clean and trash to take out. When we ask you to do chores or help put things away, we say it out of love and preparation. It’s like home is the pre-test where you get good practice in and absorb all the answers so that you can pass the tests of life when the prep courses end. We love you our dear teens, preteens, and in-betweens.

Wishing you the best of luck from your favorite maid/hospitality service,

Yo! Mama

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