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Yo! Daddy Pop-up Question

Do you have “daily toilet time”? What do you do during this time?

a) Dad #1 – Umm..I find coming out of work like 4ish, the house is empty and it’s just me, I read about current events or catching up on text messages from my brothers of my fraternity or something. Don’t you?

K-Boogie: What is this toilet time you speak of? (in my Michael Blackson voice) Moms don’t know about that life lol.

b) Dad #2 – Yes It’s a time to reflect, catch up on the daily news, and relax. About 15-20 minutes.

c) Dad #3 – Uh yeah in the morning. I check my phone and create my plan for the day and think about what else to do for the day. Usually takes 5 minutes or less.

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