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Yo! Daddy Interviews #3

This dad is a new dad as he has enjoyed the joys of fatherhood for a whole year. You guessed it! His first and only child is 1 year old. Here's a little bit about Daddy #4:

Profession: H.S. Math Teacher & football coach

How has life been with having one child? How did your world change? Kinda drifted my free time. I make sure whatever time I have, I dedicate it to him now instead of playing on my phone or doing other things. I’m quicker to come home from work and ensure my wife has help.

How long have you and your wife been together? will be 3 years married on the 17th. We met in 2013.

How many hours of sleep do you get on average? 8.

Yo! Mama: Are you for real? A whole 8 hrs? Usually go to bed about 11 and wake up about 5:30. My wife likes to go to bed late but I’m an early bird.

How many more children do you desire to have and how far apart? I want them about 2 or 3 years apart. How many we have really depends on the finances. I’m big on making sure we’re financially able to take care of kids. 2 more kids at the max.

What has the biggest challenge been in your first year of fatherhood? I think just making sure I find time for my wife. Sometimes, it gets lost in your kids. We don’t get a lot of date nights but we need more.

How have you and your wife balanced responsibilities? If one person needs to do it, they do it. Whatever needs to be done, let’s get it done. It’s like “hey I’ve been doing it so it’s your turn" so not one person gets burned out. It gets old after a while for one person doing everything.

Yo! Mama: OK so kinda like Football? Right! exactly.

Do you see your wife as the Chief Operating Officer of the home? Um..we are co-CEOs.

As a married couple, how do you support each other’s dreams? To me, it’s listening. I’m not a person that says no. So whatever she needs to do, I make sure I’m there for her to make sure she knows being a mother is not her only obligation.

What is something that you’ve learned as a dad that you would pass on to future dads? Enjoy every minute because it won’t be that way for too long. Like he’s small right now, but it won’t stay that way.

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