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Yo! Daddy Interview #2

Full-time working dad

Profession: Director of Transportation Operations

How long have you been a father? Almost 8 years

How many kids do you have? 3

How long have you been with your wife? Been married almost 10 years and together nearly 17.

How do you balance your involvement with the church or Christian life with the responsibilities of home and work? Well, it’s become more & more difficult to balance. When I first left college, I was a tutor, very active in church as for different things in the education ministries. Due to kids’ increased activities and travel with work, I’ve been less involved. But I am still involved as being a spokesperson for the education ministry and my tithing has never wavered in addition to receiving God’s word.

How do you and wife balance responsibilities of the household? I cook, wash, take kids to school while my wife typically takes care of all the health needs of the children as well as bath time. We jointly try to provide activities for the kids.

What are some acts to keep your child satisfied/happy without spoiling them? Words of encouragement. Rewards ONLY for good behavior and excellent performance at school. Also rewards for doing certain chores.

Do you see your wife as the Chief Operating Officer of the home? Yes.

As a married couple, how do you support each other’s dreams? I attempt to support my wife’s dreams by supporting hobbies such as efforts to write books, create websites, and exploring the world. I think its extremely important to provide my wife some type of outlet in coping with this crazy world.

What are your thoughts on how a child should be disciplined? I believe in explaining to a child why what they did was wrong but I also believe in not sparing the rod at times. These days, we know that you have to use caution with certain discipline but that does not exclude sparing the rod.

How do you keep the passion after all these years? (Seeing the same person every day) Ooh..That’s tough. It’s hard with having 3 kids. We try to keep it spicy with date nights and occasional vacations.

With having 3 kids, how do you make time to have fun with having to work full-time? By engaging in various activities on the weekend both with the kids and with the wife.

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Yo! Mama Mesh
Yo! Mama Mesh
17 Ιουν 2018


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Sounds like a great dad!!!

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