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When is the best time for Back-To-School Shopping?

School just let out for summer a few short weeks ago and it's already time to prepare for the new school year. This year, I don't just have one school supply list, but now two since Bubs will be starting Kindergarten at the Elementary school. In years past, I have gone to the Lake of the Ozarks to shop during Tax-free weekend. I love shopping the outlet and seeing outfits that may not be in my town, but tax-free, not so much. I wasn't able to use any coupons (y'all know I love a good discount), and the prices are way higher than they typically are. This year, I think I'm going to try to go shopping this weekend and next as I see stores are starting to put school supplies out and clothing stores have alot on clearance. I like to go to the stores and say "where's Clarence?", to make me feel like I know the clearance rack personally lol. When do you guys plan to start shopping?

Yo! Mama

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