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Week 2 of Summer Program: Nature Week!

Hey guys! Hope you had a refreshing weekend. With the heaviness of last week’s chain of events in our country, it was nice to jam and sing praise along with Kirk Franklin & Fred Hammond (who I call unc lol) as they held an Instagram Verzuz session yesterday. If you didn’t see it, I highly recommend watching it as it will really bless your spirit and give you encouragement in this season.

For the kiddos, this week is All About Nature! As Spring closes in on its final weeks, what a perfect time to see what Spring has sprung, learn about the animals and plants around us, and pull in some fun activities to guide us along the way. I will be posting links for reference that you can incorporate in your schedule for Nature week as well as recommended books and/or movies & shows the kids can enjoy throughout the week. I again found some pretty cool nature stuff in the $5 and below section at Target, so feel free to check those out on your next visit. Stay tuned for updates!

Peace & Love,

Yo! Mama

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