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Week 2 of California: Delayed again?!!

As educated as all of us are, how many are guilty of using improper grammar or what some call “broken English” when we get mad? Well, I’ll raise my hand first when I say “we still ain’t got our stuff!” Let me briefly recap in case you didn’t catch last week’s post…So the movers came and picked up our things the Tuesday following Memorial Day, which was May 28th. This includes our bed, washer/dryer, clothes, toys, EVERYTHING essentially. Since then, we’ve been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor and cycling through our weeks’ worth of clothes (so we’ve had fun times at the Laundromat. By the way, Fluff-n-Fold service is everything! You should have it done at least once in your lifetime.) Per the contract, our delivery was supposed to arrive between June 3-June 11. Cool, no prob. Since then, we have had to call and “make discoveries” that should have been communicated to us automatically without having to call to check the status. The first time, they said the delay would be because a driver couldn’t take the load and that our new delivery date would be 6/19. The second time, same story, another driver failed to take the load. The third time, they struck out meaning our patience had run out. They said that the third driver overloaded the truck with someone else’s things and could not exceed the weight limit so our stuff had to wait. I fussed at them first then Mike gave them an ear full. He got ahold of their leadership and they are to call US with DAILY updates as this is ridiculous. I reminded the female coordinator that I am expecting and it is quite uncomfortable having to constantly get up from the floor, let alone sleep down there. She replied “I bet. At least you’re in your home”. Girl, don’t try to put things in perspective for me right now. Yeah I’m grateful for being alive today but that still doesn’t change the fact that you haven’t delivered my things yet. I’ll take you to church all day, don’t get me started. I don’t know if this pregnancy has me less tolerant of certain things or if it’s just the circumstance that brings on the irritation. I just say that it’s only temporary and try to stay positive. So at this time, the latest update is that our stuff is still in STL and will be loaded tomorrow but no estimation on when it will be delivered yet.

In the meantime, still keeping the kids busy with day camp, library visits, and other activities. Also getting them back in the groove of education with some workbooks, writing time, and last night we even played Geo Bingo to get them more familiar with the United States. Picture of my summer chart coming soon!

In OB news, it’s a hard knock life for prenatal care. Who would’ve thought it would be this challenging to find a decent provider. Last week, I thought I had found the perfect physician. Though her office was poppin’ with lots of clients, it smelled wonderful and the reviews were spot on. Plus, the office staff got me scheduled within 15 minutes of leaving the parking lot. My appt was scheduled for today at 10am. The office called me on Thursday and said “we verified your insurance coverage and the provider is not in network with that plan”. Huh? But they were listed on the insurance plan’s site? Hmm…so I called and sure enough they said that they accept some plans from the company but not the one I have. Now I’m starting from scratch on my search. I called around to a couple other providers listed and researched online to view their reviews and hospitals that they deliver at. That is something big to consider also because looking at some of the “What To Expect” community reviews from this area, some of these places have pretty bad comments and looking at some of the pictures of the facilities, looks like a market or clinic versus a hospital. I found one provider who is about 25 min away so I called them and of course they wanted me to bring my prenatal records all the way to the office and let me know “the doctor will review them to see if she will accept you as a patient”. I didn’t know getting healthcare was like submitting a job application. Do I have an interview and entry exam as well? Geez. They said that if I don’t hear back in a week to give the office a call. They also told me that the next available appt wouldn’t be until the end of July. Are you serious? I’ll be like 25 weeks by then. The nurse in me just started thinking about all of the tests that I should have between that time (anatomy scan/ultrasound, GCT, etc), am I gaining weight appropriately, is the baby growing and developing properly, how does the baby look, and with my abdominal pain, do I have a hernia or torn muscle? The asst said “she might decide to squeeze you in sooner if she determines that you need to be seen earlier”. In learning from the previous experience, I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket so I’m still calling around to see what other providers are available and first one to respond back will be the winner. This week makes one month since my last visit and being classified as “high-risk” or what I call “high-risk, low-risk” cause I don’t have any predisposing conditions, does make me a little anxious.

As for how I’m feeling, pretty good. I’m staying active, just returned to work yesterday and being a “cereal killer” as Mike calls me as the boxes of Frosted Flakes suddenly disappear. I am showing although I’m still holding on to the two muscles left of my prior six pack in flexing when I can lol. Outside of my shirt, it looks like I’m holding a peach or a plum from my two-pack (west side lol). And this may be TMI but what in the world is going on with my hormones this trimester? I woke up at 2am one night and found my hormones raging watching House Hunters. Too funny. Like ooh look at that kitchen backsplash tile. We also had the opportunity to go on a hospital tour just to check out the L&D unit. (I guess this is why Mariah asked me yesterday "what is breastfeeding?" and Bubs is concerned about the "Golden Hour") The staff was pretty nice. They started it out with a video presentation and refreshments. Of course we couldn’t focus cause at the same time, the Blues scored and won the Stanley cup. Go Blues!! Right after that, Mike was curious to check out this restaurant across the street that said “Chinese Food, Burgers, and Donuts”. Seriously? You think that’s going to be good? It was kind of “in the hood” so Mike thought the rice would be north STL style or what he likes to call “dark-skinned”. We got over there and the rice was lighter than Uncle Ben’s. They had everything on the menu you could think of: burgers, fried rice, orange chicken, catfish, and a large pantry display of donuts. I’m like no I’ll just grab a bowl of cereal at home lol.

Can’t wait to see what news I have to share next week. Stay tuned and pray hard!


~Yo! Mama

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