Vision Boards: How are they looking?

At the start of 2020, many of us were eager to put together some pretty thorough Vision Boards, with high hopes and goals for the year. This was my first year actually creating one that I put effort in cutting pictures & words out of magazines and adhering it to an actual board. I was motivated and goal-oriented. Then...Friday the 13th happened! No not the movie, March 13, 2020, which was the day everything begin to change and shutdown because of the pandemic.

So today, have you given up on your board? Have you looked back at it to see if there was anything you surprisingly accomplished? Well I'm here to show you that even though 2020 gave us all bitter lemons, we may have just made a tasty glass pf lemonade with what we had. Here's the lowdown on my board update:

Essence Fest - one word....Booooo! Many of us were so disappointed to receive the dreaded email that it was canceled this year. Hoping for a super awesome festival next year. Team Essence!

"I Want My Body Back" - The pictures above show the "Before" from when I first found out I was expecting in 2019 (the last capture of my bomb-diggity bod) to recently showing that...well...I did it y'all! It took a full year and then some but I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I took my time this time to allow my body to heal after suffering from Post-Partum Preeclampsia and mental trauma from my experience at the hospital. It was hard to not beat myself up about those days where I wished I could wink my eye and the extra pounds would fall off or not being able to go to the gym or even outside at times. I have omitted a nice amount of naughty foods and continue to incorporate some type of aerobics or exercise in my day, even if its doing 15 push-ups before I get in the shower. Just recently (the past month), I've tried to Goli gummies and I must say, they definitely help curb your appetite in reducing my urge to snack and oddly, my uterine/pelvic area doesn't feel bloated anymore like it used to. Pouch-free lol! (most days) Now self-care is still a work in progress. Y'all pray for me to enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation full of laughter of my favorite tv show episodes and bubble baths.

Happy Life - I can't complain. 2020 has caused people to lose their jobs, lose hope, and this horrible virus has caused many to lose their lives. I am forever grateful to see each day and with happiness being temporary, I am striving to maintain joy.

Model baby - As a mom, many of us look at our children as the most beautiful beings on earth. With that, when my kids are babies, they all have a model look to them in my eyes with their big cheeks, radiant smiles, and look amazingly cute in their outfits. I was hoping Miles would maybe at least have the opportunity to model for a box of diapers (Pampers, Huggies, etc) but oh well. He's still very adorable and models for mommy's home photo shoots lol. He's definitely walking and on his way to talking :).

Getting to know OPRAH - I know, I know...she doesn't have a clue of who I am nor i