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Virtual Learning part III: Dad, you're not on mute!

How's it going guys? Is everyone hanging in there? I know we sure are to the best of our ability. For the past 2 weeks, since my last update, things have been slowly improving. Aside from the daily hiccups with the Chromebooks losing connection to Google classroom, the kids are finding their groove. Hooow-ever, we have had plenty of bloopers. I'll share 4 of them. The first one was around Mariah's computer microphone. She had been having issues one morning as the teacher could see her but couldn't hear her when Mariah went to answer a question. Mariah then frantically runs to her dad. He does some troubleshooting with her microphone and asks her to test it out. He soon yells "Mariah, SAY SOMETHING ON THE MICROPHONE!!" She looks up in shock and waves her hands at him signalling the movement "please no!" with her mouth closed. He again yells "Mariah, SAY SOMETHING ON THE MICROPHONE!! Hello?" And she storms out the room as if she wants to scream and cry. I ask her what happened. She replies "Dad was yelling at me and I wasn't on mute so the class heard him!" To lift her spirits, I told her to just think of it as if she was making beats with Justin Bieber, plus as loud as the class gets, they probably didn't even notice.

The second blooper comes to us from the glitching moment of Google classroom. I try not to hover over all the kids every moment of the day as I have to work myself, but I do frequently check on them to make sure they stay on task, understand the content, and help with issues. I go to check on Bubs like "hey how's it going?" He replies "Good!" I ask "what is the teacher talking about right now?" He goes "Oh everyone is hard at work right now". I move closer to the Chromebook to get a better look at the screen and no one is moving. I'm like "Bubs, your computer screen is frozen buddy. How long has it been like this?" OMG. I refreshed his screen as he rejoined the classroom and the teacher is just teaching away. Luckily he didn't miss much of the instruction, but just think how long he would've been sitting there thinking people are just heads down in their work.

The third blooper comes to us from your favorite funny guy, Yadi. Marsh usually has break around 10:20 and returns to the Google classroom around 10:40. During break, they are to have a breakfast snack, take care of toileting needs, and finish up any classroom work then log back on. For snack, I made the remix to Yo! Mama's I Want S'More snack with adding more breakfast treats to the sandwich bag. Once they log back on, they are not supposed to eat or drink anything while "in class". I leave the room after he gets back on and check back in on him about 10 minutes later. He's sitting in the chair laughing and eating the popcorn like Michael Jackson in the "Thriller" video with the sandwich bag on the side of his leg as if to sneak the treats out the bag like Napoleon Dynamite did with those tater tots. I walk up to him like "Aye, give me that bag boy. You know not to eat during class". I couldn't help but laugh.

And our final blooper comes from the tiniest of the bunch, baby Miles. Yesterday morning, all the other kids are dressed and ready to start their day. Miles wakes up so right before I hop in the shower, I change his morning diaper and sit him in his play yard. As I'm getting out of the shower, I hear the kids walk by him saying "ew, you stink buddy". As I'm drying off, one of the kids yells "ew, gross, his diaper is off!!" You guessed it folks, Miles knows how to take his own diaper off already. Mike soon walks around to the play yard and picks up a clean diaper tossed to the corner of the play yard. He is puzzled that the diaper is clean with no evidence of a "deposit", however he soon discovers that Miles is covered in doo doo (hands, feet, and bottom). Thank goodness he didn't put his fingers in his mouth...yet. We've had at least 3 doo doo's gone wild in the past month. *Note to self: Must put bottoms on baby. T-shirts and onesies alone put you at risk for a messy day.* At this point, I have literally 9 minutes before my meeting starts for work. Mike puts Miles in our large tub and I give him the super express wash down from head to toe. Mike dries him off and we double team putting his clothes on. Oh did I mention by this time, I have 1 minute to spare plus the kids have exactly 1 minute to be logged in for class. Talk about running around like Mr. Clark in the movie "Lean On Me" to make sure everyone was logged on including myself. Tune in next time for more on "Home Malone" lol.

Y'all be good,

Yo! Mama Mesh

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Ib CeCe
Ib CeCe
10 сент. 2020 г.

Stinky baby! Sit him on the pot!! He ready!!!💩🧒🏾💩🧒🏾

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