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Viewing Christmas Lights: Snack Tips

Are you planning to drive to see a neighborhood of lights or a drive-thru lights show? Do your kids ask “what are we going to eat after this” in the middle of the show? Well, since they can’t go to the movies or experience the lights outside of the car, why not create an experience inside the car! In the video below, I share just a few tips that can make it super fun for the kiddos. The first idea: Make a visit to Dollar Tree before you go. You can grab a stocking and stuff goodies like a Christmas coloring book and stickers inside and have it waiting on their seat when they get in. I guarantee they will be excited. While you’re at the store, find something to make them feel like you went all out and personalized the experience for them by finding something for them to wear such as a Santa hat, jingle bell necklace (depending on age), or a jingle elf or reindeer headband or wrap, shown at the end of the video. Sometimes, my daughter complains about the hard headbands hurting her head and will be quick to take it off. However, I found one that was a Velcro snap and soft cotton cloth that they even forgot they had on when they returned back home lol.

Second idea: Drinks! You can grab a super cool, holiday themed cup that contains their favorite beverage. Use caution on how big this drink is though as you know big cups & small bladders are not compatible lol. Also use caution to either find a leak-free cup or avoid drinks that will stain your car like red drinks.

Third idea: Snacks! The door is open wide for so many snack ideas you can prepare for your kiddos. I know, I know, in the video, I create a movie theater-like snack that makes "super healthy parents cringe" but you don't have to include sugary or salty snacks to make a happy snack. You can throw raisins, sliced fruit, snack pretzels, or other bite size snacks that your kids will love!

Final idea: Turn on some tunes! If your light show experience doesn't already give direction on connecting with an app or radio station for music that goes along with it, feel free to put together a Christmas playlist or turn on a station that is continuously playing holiday music this season.

Ready for the lights? Watch the video, have a blast, and feel free to share some pics from the lights show or what you included in your fun in-car experience!

Happy Holidays,

Yo! Mama Mesh

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