Tips for Back to School

It’s that wonderful time of year! The time where parents get just a little bit of sanity and routine back. There’s excitement and anxiety in the air surrounding the unknown experiences of the upcoming school year.

Here are just a couple of tips I’d like to pass along for anyone with school-age children returning to school or attending for the first time:

1. Lay your clothes out early. It will save time in the morning, plus gets kids excited about their fresh, new outfits.😃 We have a Monday thru Friday organizer.

2. Pack your backpack with necessities for the first day like writing utensils, paper, crayons, and folder for bringing home assignments & information.

3. Label your supplies. It helps kids keep track of their things if not shared as community in the classroom. Some examples are labeling crayon packs, pencil boxes, binders, folders, and notebooks.

4. Sharpen pencils. Do not send your littles to school with a pack of unsharpened pencils still in the box. What if they have a pop quiz or need to write immediately in class? They have to delay to try to find a pencil sharpener and we know that can take a bit. At least pre-sharpen 2-4 of the pencils to take with them.

5. Pack your lunch and refrigerate the night before if planning to take their lunch. This is in case you wake up late and need to run out the door. If your child buys their lunch with a “student number”, practice on paper keypad or calculator to help them memorize their number.

6. Practice your route. If you take your kids to school, do a practice drive to see how long it takes and get familiar with drop off area or door.