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Summer Program Day 9: Nature Rocks!

Happy Thursday to you! The kids had a blast getting wet and using their new squirt bottles. Shout out to Dollar Tree for those! Today, the kids will be doing some light reading, some fun nature worksheets, and today's nature-focused activity will be art. During our nature walk the other day, I had the kids find a rock that they could bring home and paint for today's activity. Below are some ideas for getting through the day:

Educational fun:

Nature worksheets - and select Nature

Activity: Rock painting

You can paint them, paint a kindness message on them, even add yarn or fluff to give them hair as pet rocks. Have fun!

Read 1 book (don't forget to track it in your Summer Reading log!)

Movie of the day: "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (rated PG, 1989) **throwback alert lol

Tip: available on Disney+ if you have a subscription

(Pic courtesy of

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