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Summer Program Day 8: Nature Bingo

Happy Wednesday! We made it to the halfway mark of the week, hooray! Yesterday, the kids finally got a break from the walls of the house as we went to the park for a nature walk down the trail. We took our Insect sheets and Nature Walk checklist to explore and see how many things we could find. The kids really enjoyed it and Marshall was determined to find a worm to check off of his list so started trying to dig a hole lol.

Today is Wednesday so that means "It's Water Day!!!" (in my Oprah voice) This will be the highlight of the afternoon for them and since they were sooo tired last week after getting wet, I will limit the amount of activities post-sprinkler to just one. Here's a couple of ideas on how to spend this nature-focused day.


Nature Bingo - I found these cool Bingo cards again in my favorite section of Target lol and they only cost $1 each. They are paper cardboard and pretty sturdy with little open & close shutters so the kids don't have to worry about their chips falling off of the space or marking the wrong box on paper. A great find! But of course, if you're not able to get to Target, here is a link to a site that has some printables.


Have the kids write on the topic - (1) What is Nature? or (2) If you were a bird, where would you go?

Movie/TV show of the day:

The Wild Thornberrys (Nickelodeon)

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