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Summer Program Day 4: Hockey

Happy Thursday! Today we will be focusing in on hockey for day 4 of sports week. Being from St. Louis and more of a baseball fan, I don't know of the names of many hockey teams. But one thing that unifies all St. Louisans is...we all bleed blue during hockey season lol. Shout out to last year's NHL Stanley Cup winner, the St. Louis Blues. Feel free to visit the website to locate your favorite team's site or use the link below to find STL BLUES team fun activities for kids.

NHL Speedy Senses Science experiments:

Movie of the day: Mighty Ducks or D2: The Mighty Ducks (rated PG)

Here are some snapshots of Football day yesterday! We kicked it off with the kids playing outside in the sprinkler. Next, they came inside to learn a little about the game of football. Then, I had them select what NFL team logo they liked to print out as well as what color construction paper they wanted for their team uniform as they created their own football player. And last, although not captured in the pics, they had a blast playing flag football with their dad. (Warning: Avoid playing this game when the grass is still wet lol)

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