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Summer Program Day 3: Football

What day is it? Hump day! Happy Wednesday. Today marks day 3 of Sports week and we are focusing in on football. Does your kid have a favorite NFL team? Since the Rams are back in our vicinity, we will take a peek at their website for football history info and kids' sports activities. Below are a couple of helpful links to help guide you through today.

LA Play 60 features Rams Recess videos, Yoga, and ways to get moving!

Shout out to Pinterest and Mommyopolis who provided this next idea. If you have little people (preschool age through Elementary), here is a cool craft you could do to build your own football player!

We will also have Water day today as Wednesdays will be the day of the week the kids can go outside and have a fun time splashing outdoors. I found these cool water squirters at Target in the $5 and below section that the kids should enjoy!

Reading: Read 1 book and track in your summer reading log

Movie of the day: Little Giants (rated PG)

And here are a couple pics of how we spent day 2 of sports week with Basketball 🏀

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