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Summer Program Day 2: Lakers day (Basketball)

Today's program will be focusing on basketball for day 2 of Sports week! The NBA teams have some pretty cool worksheets and coloring pages as well, especially with the Covid-19 circumstances, they have added some free materials to print and do. Here are some activities you can do today:


  • Wear Lakers gear, purple, or your favorite basketball team gear

  • Dribbling practice

  • Free throw challenge (You can do this with an over the door hoop, goal nearby, or waste bin)


Read 1 book (and visit to see about signing up for a team's reading club or using their sheet to track your summer reading log)

Click one of the links below to navigate to the Lakers' website where they have workbooks for various grade levels that include math, coloring, and fun activities such as word searches.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of Sports week - Football!

- Yo! Mama Mesh

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