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Summer Program Day 10: Nature Glow Scavenger Hunt

Friday is here! This is the last day of Nature week and we shall have some fun! Today, we are going to read a couple books for the summer reading log (check out your local library to see if they have virtual Summer reading programs), discuss the nature of plants and plant cells, plant some seeds in flower pots (shout out again to Dollar Tree for these pots) and watch them grow over the next week, and end the evening by doing a backyard glow scavenger hunt. What do I mean by glow? Well, good ol' Target, again in the $5 and below section, I found these cool "Glow Hide and Find" cards that you can put around the backyard and when the sun goes down, have the kids search for the cards to see how many they can find and what they find. Pretty cool, right?!! I'm excited!

And for snack, we will be roasting marshmallows by the stove. Don't judge me, I'm too scary to try and start a campfire outside, plus too risky for wildfires out here.

Below is the list out of things you can do today too:

Read 1 book for your Summer Reading Log (adults can join in too!)

Educational fun:

Learn about the anatomy of a plant -

Funny video from Mr. DeMaio of YouTube Kids -

Cartoon video on Photosynthesis -


Plant seeds - you will need Dirt, seeds of choice (recommend flowers/plants that can grow this season in the next couple of days), water, and a flower pot (small ones available at Dollar Tree)

Glow Scavenger hunt - you can purchase the Glow cards from Target OR make your own cards (index or cardboard) with pictures and words written on them and tape glow sticks to them for fun in the dark.

Tune in next week for Tech week! Have a blessed weekend. Stay safe.

Yo! Mama

Here is a snapshot of our Nature rocks and I’ll be posting a complete video of our week later.

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