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Summer At-Home Program: Willy Wonka Week!

In the tone of the old Mickey Mouse Club, "now it's time to say goodbye to all my summer plans". It's the final week of our at-home summer program. We did it! I want to thank you all for riding this summer with us in all the fun themed weeks we have had and wish all my student supporters, parents, and teachers out there a very blessed and successful school year. May the Lord guide you in the direction that you are to go, press your spirit with patience, provide safety and comfort, as well as give kids a sense of security and comprehension to excel in all areas of academics, in Jesus name, Amen.

For this final week, we are having tons of fun with Willy Wonka! Now, usually we don't eat tons of candy and sweets, but it's the end of summer, almost time for school to begin for the year, and we don't have anywhere to go so don't judge us lol. Here's what is in store:

Monday - Willy Wonka Bakery

We will keep it really simple and tasty today by baking some cookies or cupcakes.

Tuesday - Willy Wonka Candy Shop Store

Setup a little snack stand (or set it neatly on a table counter) with prices on each item. This will be a little money management exercise as the kids use the change they find around the house to purchase their snacks for today. (Note: I will limit to 3 snacks per child)

Wednesday - Willy Wonka Escape Room

You heard it right! Create an escape room (grade level appropriate of course) that the kids can use clues to solve puzzles and eventually find the golden ticket. Items you may need are a Master lock with codes, calculator, balloons, tissue paper or plastic gift wrap, notebook, box or shoe cubby, and chocolate candy bars. Here's a list of the different stations/clues that I plan to use for this fun adventure:

  1. Balloons with words: Blow up a couple of balloons and wrap with either tissue paper or plastic gift wrap in order to make "candy" and write a word on each to create a message. My message will be "There's A Key In The Invention Book".

  2. Invention book: The "invention book" can be a composition notebook or spiral notebook labeled as such that has the writing "This page is left blank. Keep going" with an arrow pointing to the right, which should direct them to turn the page.

  3. Master lock: Once they turn the page, there will be 3 circles with numbers. These numbers can total what the code of the Master lock is or, for smaller children, just list number in a certain color for the lock's code (like 1 2 3). For older children, you can make it total a 3-digit answer to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, or order of operations skills. An example is shown below

4. Secret message: If you have a master lock with a chamber, enclose the chamber with a secret message that will guide the kids to the hidden area such as a box or shoe cubby to find their final clue. My secret message will read "Riah Roo, Yadi, and Bubby Wubby...find something 'golden' in the shoe cubby".

5. Golden ticket: The candy bars will be wrapped like a true Wonka bar except only the inside of one bar will contain the "golden ticket". Each kid will unwrap their found bar for a chance to win! Prize can be whatever you desire. Ours will be the movie night for Friday.

Thursday - Fizzy Drinks Taste-it challenge

How often do the kids get to taste or drink something that's usually off limits? Well today's the day. The kids will be blindfolded and get a chance to sample a variety of flavors of fizzy drinks. (only a small sip/cap full...they don't need to be any more hype lol)

Friday - Willy Wonka Movie Night

Let's watch Willy Wonka or Charlie & the Chocolate Factory movie and eat rainbow popcorn!

Saturday - If you're looking for something fun to do and your kids will be attending school virtually this year, have a Willy Wonka Back to School Party! No you don't need to invite anyone (social distancing guys!). Use this time to help your child decorate their desk or area of the house where they will be using their laptop/chromebook to attend class. Add fun decals on the wall so that their background is cool. Ensure their supplies are nearby in their desk, pencil case, and/or cubbies. Make them excited about learning again and getting into the groove of this new style of learning.

Y'all be sweet and stay safe!

Yo! Mama Mesh

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