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Summer At-Home Program Week 3: Tech week

It's Tech week! The kids are geeked for the things they get to do this week. From exploring some of the Microsoft Office products to learning about historic technology versus modern technology and even try some experiments with electricity. There's so much that you can dig into with the various types of technology in thinking about some of the first inventions to more recent types including cell phones, computers, and how coding can be used to make things perform actions. Here's a peek into some of the things for day 1 of Tech week:


Worksheet for copying & pasting technology from the past and present:

Cool worksheet in combining machines with learning about money:

Educational info on technology & inventions:

Read 1 book to track in your Summer Reading log!


Michael's store has a super cool kit on sale titled "Inventions" by ScienceWiz that allows you to experiment with electricity and other invention-type activities. (pic below)

Have a great week!

Yo! Mama

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