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Summer At-Home Program: Video game week

Hey there! Boy oh boy was last week tons of fun. We did all things Nickelodeon and even created our own version of Double Dare (stay tuned for a future video post as we captured the game). And if you missed seeing the kids’ All That skits, visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for free! Just search Yo! Mama Mesh and you’ll know it’s me by my logo.

Only 2 more weeks of the program as we all prepare for the upcoming school year. This week, we are having some fun with video games! Your kids have probably been playing video games all summer so this week may not be any different, however feel free to dig deeper into finding out more about the games and their feedback. I created a little mini survey (as shown in one of the pics below) relating to the games they will be playing this week. You’ll be surprised what you find out. A quick funny story: The kids love to tell me when someone is doing something “inappropriate“. So as the boys are filling out their survey and I’m asking them questions, Marshall goes “Mommy, Mariah was doing something inappropriate on the game”. I respond “Inappropriate? Like what?” He blushes and smiles as he says “well...she changed her character into Thicky Nicki”. I said “What?!! Who in the world is Thicky Nicki? You’re right that doesn’t sound like something appropriate.” Lol Of course, I asked Mariah and it turned out to be an innocent character but you know my mind instantly went to thinking that name sounds like something involved with after hours. Be sure to keep an eye on what games they are playing, the characters they interact with and beware of any other Slicky Thicky Nickies lol. That includes games downloaded on iPhone as some of those ads are very inappropriate. Last week Mariah was sitting next to me playing a simple brain game then she goes “Look mom, in this game, you have to get rid of all the Karens”. My jaw dropped in shock as I snatched the phone saying “you don’t play any of these luring ad games!! Click the X at the top as soon as possible”. I’ll for sure have to make certain the downloaded games are ad-free.

Don’t hesitate to introduce your kiddos to some of the old school games as well this week like some of my old favorites NBA Jam, Pac Man, Double Dribble, RBI baseball, Sonic & Tails, Super Mario Bros, and many more.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing the outcome of what the school district decided for returning back to school in the Fall and some kits that may be available for purchase at Yo! Mama’s shop (found one the menu bar) I’ll also be featuring some exclusive updates that happened this summer like my recent podcast experience and more!

Monday - Roblox

Tuesday - Pac Man

Wednesday - Super Mario

Thursday - Back to School shopping day. You can even make this fun my creating a scavenger hunt for them to shop and find the items on their school list for the price you’re looking for or a BINGO sheet. This can also help to reduce the “oh momma I want this one!! But all the other kids have that one!!” Nope, simple as what’s on the sheet. I still make it to where the kids have a lot of choices in having the privilege to select whatever color scissors they want, a fun folder, etc.

Friday - Free choice; also movie day so if there’s a game-related movie that’s out like Sonic or Super Mario, grab your popcorn and queue it up.

And Saturday, we had hoped Legoland would be open by now (made the schedule back in April) so we’ll have to save that fun adventure for another time.

Here’s a throwback video from February of when I converted the house into a video game for Bubs’ birthday for anyone looking for ideas.


Yo! Mama Mesh

Worksheets courtesy of Prodigy blog

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