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Summer At-Home Program: Nickelodeon week!

Hi all! Hope you had an enjoyable, safe 3-day weekend. We took a break from the program last week but are back at it as we count down the weeks until school begins for the 2020-21 school year. It's my favorite week of the program as I grew up as a Nickelodeon kid (shout out to 90s NICK). We are going to have a blast this week. Check out what's in store:

Monday - Dora the Explorer

The cartoon Dora the Explorer is best known for adventure, the suspense of running into Swiper, and the educational components of learning Spanish.

Spanish worksheets (funsheets) found at or the super cool, resourceful website of Ziggy Zoom

Activity: We may also have chalk trivia where I will use chalk to write words in Spanish on the sidewalk and have the kids throw a water balloon to tell me the English translation of that word.

Tuesday - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a 90s hit that has been revamped for kids today. It is known for its cool lingo (Cowabunga dudes), sharp ninja moves, and that one favorite turtle that loooves pizza!

Wear Green gear (green shirt, pants, socks, whatever you have)

Lunch: Eat Pizza (the kids can even make their own)

Activity: Make felt masks to look like your favorite Ninja turtle

Since Ninja Turtles is Bubs' favorite cartoon, he gets to choose dinner tonight

Wednesday - Paw Patrol

The cartoon Paw Patrol is centered around pups who vary in talent and skills. Of course, our favorite pup is Marshall. Be sure to check out the latest episodes where they now referred to as Mighty Pups with even more energized powers.

Visit for access to all the cool Paw Patrol games, activities, and printables.

Water day today

Since Paw Patrol is Marshall's favorite cartoon (aside from Mickey), he gets to choose what's for lunch

Thursday - All That

This show's title says describes it all. If you're looking for kid-appropriate humor that reminds you of adult shows like In Living Color or Saturday Night Live by it's variety of skits, this is the show. It originated in the 90s and former cast members Kel Mitchell & Kenan Thompson have revamped it for today's kids.

Activity: Skits - The kids will record a video performing some of their favorite skits from All That. They even have some characters that they've thought of on their own that would fit perfectly with the show.

Lunch: Good Burgers are on the menu :)

Friday - Spongebob Squarepants

OK, if you haven't heard of this cartoon, you must live under a rock. This character lives "in a pineapple under the sea" and he is a high-energy powered sponge with spatula skills.

We will have a super fun-filled Spongebob day incorporating all things Spongebob. You can call it somewhat of a Spongebob party! We will decorate, maybe do some funsheets, and games, which include a potato sack race and trivia.

Typically our program ends on Friday, however, we have to do a remix this week. So guess what Saturday is....Double Dare day! If you thought the Quarantine Carnival was a hit, wait until you see what we have in store for creating our own Double Dare game.

As always, be safe, wear your masks in public, wash your hands frequently, and respect one another. Stay encouraged and if you're an avid newswatcher like I am, after the weather, turn it off. Relax and take a well-deserved break.

Love you all,

Yo! Mama

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