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Summer At-Home Program: Human Body week!

Hey guys! Happy Human Body week to you! This week of course is my specialty. Being a nurse, I’d love to go through Anatomy & Physiology, all the systems, and even medical terminology, but…we want to keep it fun and elementary for the kiddos. We will have a fun time though! How are your kids holding up? Are you hanging in there? The Summer just started yet it’s almost over. I went over the next 5 weeks of themes with the kids and they are like “Only 5 weeks left and then school starts? Ahhhh!!!” The unfortunate part is that we haven’t been able to go anywhere fun outside of the backyard or tennis court so I will continue to provide the entertainment for them as a distraction to get their minds off of the monotony and limitations of being at home for summer. I also learned that the kids were more excited when I used the term “funsheets” instead of “worksheets”. Although, Marshall did come down this morning and ask “mom, where are my worksheets?” lol. So far, we have had 5 weeks of educational learning. The upcoming weeks leading up to school will be 3 words...FUN, FUN, FUN!! Below is a rundown of the possible activities for the week. Hope you enjoy, be safe, and take good care of yourself.

Monday (The Human Body – Dem Bones):

Education – I found some pretty neat sheets that include coloring, word search, classification, cut/paste activity, and a maze from

Here’s a video from YouTube’s PeekABoo Kidz that I recommend as well for a quick Bones overview

Read 1 book for your Summer Reading log (you’re doing great!)

Activities – I whipped up a game called “Head, Shoulders, Knee, Patella” where I had the kids stand up and point to the bone when I call out the anatomical name. For example, I say skull and they point to it while saying out loud. They learn about 10 major ones, then we speed it up almost like Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes meets the Roadrunner. We will continue this game throughout the entire week and whoever remembers the most bones by the end, will win a special prize.

Tuesday (20/20 vision – All About the EYE):

Education – here’s a nice overview about the Eye from Kid’s Health website has a printable eye worksheet where the kids can label parts of the eye and answer some related questions.

Activity – Reading BRAILLE: We all have experienced the eye test during our annual eye exams, but kids often ask about those that are blind or with visual impairments. The ask “how do they get around by themselves or learn how to read?”. This is an interactive exercise that you can print out the Braille sheet and glue dots to cover the black dots for the letters. Once it dries, you can have them close their eyes and feel how the diff letters feel and the challenge of interpreting it.

Wednesday (“Wind”y Wednesday):

Water day is back!! We will keep it mild today but will learn a little about lungs.

Activity – here’s an idea I borrowed from Pinterest

Thursday (Taste It! – Your Mouth)

Read 1 book for your Summer Reading Log

Activity – Taste it challenge! Find some things in the kitchen that identify with being sour, sweet, bitter (like coffee), and salty. Here's a video we made of a taste it challenge we did in the early Spring

Friday (First Aid):

Education – we plan to learn more about what to do when someone gets hurt (like getting a scrape, hurting your ankle, or what to do for a burn – if you can’t get to a doctor right away). One of the kids enjoys Operation Ouch videos so here’s one that is informative on Burns. **Warning: This video was filmed in a different country where the call 999 for emergency. Be sure to inform your kids to call 911 in the US or your local emergency number for my peeps in other countries.

Activity - Create your own first aid kit – You can either have your kids pick out their favorite bandaids to order online or if your area has opened and you feel comfortable, you can take a quick visit to Dollar Tree (practice social distancing and definitely mask up appropriately please) to allow them to pick out their own Bandaids, alcohol wipes, gauze, hand soap, and hand sanitizer (check the approved list as some were recently recalled Also, they can pick out a container or use a pencil box to decorate with fun stickers and letters to make their name as a way to label their own kit.

Next week: Red, White, and Blue week

Yo! Mama Mesha

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