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Should Expecting Moms have to pay admission to theme parks/carnivals?

This thought came to mind as we considered going to a couple of festivals and the possibility of celebrating Mariah’s birthday at Disneyland this year. My hubby started telling me about this benefit walk for a charity that would discount Disneyland tickets if you were a participant. I’m like “heck yeah. A chance to give back and a discount on a future visit. Count me in!”. Then, I reflected on the regular cost and what I would do at the park. Let’s see…if my adult ticket costs $99, what am I paying for? As an expectant mom, I can’t ride any of the rides. (Plays Price Is Right loser sound) The most I would be doing is lots of walking in the heat and holding bags while everyone else gets on the rides and exhibits. Sounds like a day of riding the bus in St. Louis. The same goes for carnivals but at least there, I can eat and play some light games. Some places offer some pretty neat shows and visual experiences to still allow for a good time. I think theme parks should consider their pricing and those who visit their park. If not free admission, definitely a significant discount like 50% off of admission or some complimentary gift with purchase of a ticket like a diaper bag or 2 month supply of diapers. It’s definitely an experience worth the trip. However, if I can’t get the full experience, should I have to pay full price? What are your thoughts?

~Yo! Mama

P.S. I'm finally out of the hospital, yay!

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