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School in the Fall: What should it look like?

Kids wearing masks for 6-8hrs a day, every day, with no recess and no physical contact with friends? Survey says, guess again! Did distance learning work for your kiddos & teachers? Did they actually learn or do you feel like they started forgetting things previously learned? The last semester of school is usually when teachers start focusing in on stuff in preparation for the next grade and I feel like students may have missed out on that opportunity. I appreciate the effort that the teachers made in this unique situation but if this is what the future looks like, we have to do better.

Recently, our local school district emailed out a survey which gave the parents the opportunity to provide feedback on what the ideal scenario for the Fall would look like for students as well as presented two possible options that the school district had in mind and to vote on. With this in mind, what scenario do you think would be beneficial in continuing the social distancing guidelines, considering the best option for learning, and consistency across the board?

Option 1: Virtual/Distance learning – Your school district provides Chromebooks for the students as well as paid internet services to continue to keep the kids at home and reduce the risk for spreading viruses. Teachers would teach class content live online during a certain period of time and assign work through avenues such as Google classroom and/or other apps.

Option 2: 50/50 Learning – In this option, the students will attend school on certain days for two days out of the week (for example, 2 groups. Group 1 attends Mon & Wed; Group 2 attends Tues & Thurs) and the other days, they receive their lesson virtually. Your school district provides Chromebooks or laptops for students as well as paid internet services for the days not physically at the school building.

Option 3: 1-on-1/Home study – In this option, the child’s teacher will provide curriculum and resources. The teacher will meet once a week with the student individually, either at school or another location within the school district, to discuss assignment, assist with any questions, and provide support.

Option 4: Traditional school w/ precautions – Students will attend school on a regular schedule in a classroom with friends. Teachers will scan each student upon entry to the classroom with temperature scan thermometer. Students desks will be setup like cubicles with plexiglass/acrylic shields at the top covering the majority of the cubicle but leaving the left side open for easy entry/exit. Lunch can be delivered & served in the classroom. The only time students would need to wear a mask is for recess or upon dismissal for home. Gym class will incorporate social distancing and sanitizing equipment after each use.

I want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Love, Yo! Mama

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