School Birthday Ideas

As parents and/or teachers, we know that each year, schools are pushing harder and harder away from allowing food to be brought in to celebrate a child’s birthday. Usually they either have a select bakery that you have to purchase from or give you strict guidelines for bringing in a packaged treat that is peanut-free, tree nut-free, and sometimes even gluten-free. I remember at the kids’ old school, even after meeting all the guidelines, you would still have to escort your treat to the nurse’s office for them to inspect the packaging and apply a “Nurse approved” sticker to prove that the treat is indeed safe for class consumption due to all of the allergies and sensitivities. I remember growing up, parents used to bring in homemade cupcakes and such all the time for birthdays with only maybe one child in the class having an allergy but my how times have changed. So with this in mind, what are some ideas for making a child’s birthday super cool and enjoyable at school while meeting the school requirements? Here are just a few ideas along with some pics below:

Snack items:


Packaged original Rice Krispy treats

Animal crackers

Blow pops or Dum Dums

Ring Pops

Fruit Roll-up/Fruit by the Foot

Goody bag items or individual items to share: