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Quarantine Surprise Carnival

Hey guys! Want to hear about how we transformed our backyard into a mini carnival? Well, first, I want you to know that you are in my prayers as we all go through this mysterious, challenging, and unique experience together. We shall persevere and see each other again soon.

So this idea began early last week in trying to think of a way to have fun in warm weather for the weekend and also get on the kids about cleaning up their constant messes. Lightbulb moment! Let’s have a carnival. I saw Mike bought the kids some cotton candy and you know one item can trigger my mind to go wild with creativity ideas. We gave the kids two days to try to earn money for “a special activity”, as we kept the carnival a surprise. They could earn money doing worksheets (each worth 25 cents), educational games on Nearpod app, cleaning a room, or big bucks with dirty jobs such as throwing away dirty diapers, taking out the trash, etc. Of course we want to make it fair and equal as possible so all kids ended up with around $10-15 to spend. (No piggybanks were harmed during this process)

Thursday was my first time leaving the house in over 40 days, as Mike has been the one to go to the store for essential needs. I was so excited. As I pulled off from the house, I got to the corner and discovered I forgot my list. Silly me! So I back it up, grab the list, and head back on the road. Travel time approx 20 min. I arrive at the store and find the best parking spot. Mask on..check. Phone..check. Wipes..check. Oh let me get my card out of my wallet so I don’t have to dig for it. Wait...where’s my wallet? Dang Nabbit!!! I forgot my entire wallet at home. I wasn’t ready to come out the house. So I drive back home. Now we have a process for when mike shops: He comes In the house, shoes off, and heads directly to the shower. I then grab the Clorox wipes and wipe all the groceries down followed by the interior of the car. So I head into the shower and Mike is like “was it packed?” I’m like yep and laugh as I hop in. When I get out, Mike is like “did you put everything away already?” I respond “um, no. I gotta go back tomorrow...because...I left my wallet here”. Of course he clowns me and says “I don’t know if I can trust you to go tomorrow lol”. Friday morning was much more successful.

Friday late night, Mike & I stayed up getting things together secretly in the garage. Blowing up balloons, putting stickers on prizes, and going wild with the hot glue gun. And below is a video episode of how it all went down from here:


Yo! Mama

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