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Nurses week continues: My Nursing Achievements

As I reflect on my 19 years of being in the nursing field, it's easy to look at my bad days or re-evaluate my success in nursing and ask "have I added value to my field? Would Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, and Mary Mahoney be proud?" I often hear that since I am more behind the scenes on the technology side of nursing now, "you're not a real nurse anymore", and well, if I pay my license renewal fee every 2 years, if I went through the trenches to earn my degree and pass the NCLEX on the first try, if I helped to save lives, and if you were to need someone to care for you if you were to get ill this second, I think that would still classify me as a "real nurse". Below are just some of the highlights of my nursing career and I am ever so grateful to celebrate this week and Year of the Nurse, and continue to pray for my nurses on the frontlines, risking their lives everyday. Heroes!

Matthew 5:16 “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”.

During my senior year of high school in 2001 (voted most Quietest Girl by the way):

Earned Patient Care Tech & Nurse Assistant Certification


Vignette published in Community Heath Nursing 5th edition textbook (by Mary Jo Clark) during final year of nursing school

Worked in float pool as Patient Care Tech at big Barnes-Jewish Hospital & CNA at a Cardinal Ritter senior nursing facility

Earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree

Passed NCLEX-RN exam (Registered Nurse)

As a registered nurse:

Worked High-risk OB Antepartum/Gyn/PP overflow unit at SSM

Side jobs: Substitute school nurse & Health Fairs nurse

Nominated for Rising Star award & Innovation award

OB Case manager

-Nominated for March of Dimes Nurse of the Year (notice a theme of nominations? lol, I'll be a winner of something one day)

In the technological area of nursing:

Superuser for EPIC EHR who advanced into Epic Product Specialist role

Earned 3 EPIC EHR product certifications (Orders, Order Transmittal, Stork)

Completed CQI project and earned certification

Worked Senior Clinical Systems Specialist, then advanced to supervisor and manager

I also have done a great amount of volunteer work, which is super important to me in helping my community and a humbling experience each time. Too many to name.

Public speaking/Presentations at:

Goldfarb School of Nursing

Health events

Jefferson City - Missouri state capitol

So when they say, "oh she's just a nurse" or think I haven't done anything because I keep a low profile, just smile. I thank God for His gifts and mercy over my life and pray He continues to push me in the direction I should go. Nurses rock!!

-Love, your favorite little nurse with big dreams, Yo! Mama Mesh (K. Malone, RN)

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