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My Mother's Day Weekend 2018

This weekend has been full of so many activities. So much to do, so little time. Friday, I took off work to volunteer the morning shift at Mariah's school field day. They had me stationed outside. Thank God for that breeze cause it was hot. Then, Mike was off that day too so we went to go see Avengers: Infinity War that afternoon. It was awesome! Highly recommend going to see it if you haven't already. After that, Mike took me to my favorite store to pick out some new clothes as I'm running out of outfits for the season. Soon it was time to pick up the kids from school and for me to attend my friend Lynette's graduation.

Saturday started off by arriving at Busch Stadium at 8am to get ready to walk the Metro Heartwalk. Walk started at 9. I was very excited to have Mike walk me this year as well as all 3 little ones and the additional surprise of my brother Terry (Lil T). We walked the 3k and took pics walking around the baseball field. We got done around 9:45. I really wanted to try to make it to at least see my sister Leah before she walked across the stage for graduation but there was no way I could get from Downtown to North County then West County in 20 minutes as her graduation started at 10:30 and Mariah needed to be at her mandatory dance dress rehearsal by 10:45. After rehearsal, I went to the Baby Kid Expo and there were some great vendors there. Yours truly had flyers in the show bags (applause). Outside the center, these guys were trying to get people to sign this petition to make more areas smoke-free. One guy asked me to sign and I replied "no thanks not today". As I walked away he yelled "what? You don't want to live smoke-free?" Dude really didn't want me to respond cause I was tempted to give him a piece of my mind about this suspicious paper he had folks signing. Then I saw the other guy asking the lady to sign and she replied "who are you? There's no information on this form telling me who you are or with?". He said "I understand if you don't trust it and don't wanna sign". Uh..yeah. After that, Mariah and I drove home as I rushed to whip up some Pasta Parmesan Penne for my mom's surprise dinner that evening. I also did some glass etching for her gifts. Mike BBQ'd some wings & hot dogs. We soon pulled off and I ran in to my mom's house to decorate while my bro kept her away shopping until I was done. When they returned she was definitely surprised. We ate, laughed, and shared memories. It's the least we could do since this is the first Mother's day without her mother.

Today was great! We all woke up and went to church service followed by breakfast at a small, non-packed restaurant. Then, hubby let me chill for most of the afternoon and prepared dinner. Thank you love. The kids gave me some wonderful, handmade gifts and I am ever-so grateful for all the messages received via text, Facebook, and email.

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