My First week in California

Hi all!! I miss you already. Lots to share about how this first week has been. Let me just say that STL will always be in my heart but this California weather though is giving me life lol. I have to break this week down in categories. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Travel: We arrived at the airport around 5am Monday morning with a gazillion luggage bags. I kept telling Mike when we were packing “aye, remember that we have to lug all of these bags around” and he’s like “we will just check them in at the airport. You won’t have to carry anything around”. WRONG! We had to transport the bags into the airport from the car, keep track of the kids to make sure they don’t run off or get lost, as well as help them with their little bags. I’ll get to the other part of when we arrived to Cali in just a moment. So all large bags are checked in and while Mike took the kids with him to TSA-Pre check-in, I had the pleasure of enjoying the life of the TSA-Pre rejects i.e. the main TSA security line where you have to take shoes off, put stuff in crate containers, take your jacket off, and put your bags on the belt, then proceeding to walk through a body scan machine with a pose as if you’re getting arrested and pray that your stuff comes up clean through the belt. Well, that smooth run is never my luck. I asked the security lady if I could go through the metal detector and she responds quickly with “no. What, are you pregnant?” I reply yes and she says “well you have the option to get a pat down”. I tell her that both are uncomfortable. She says “the machine is just a scan, it’s not an xray. It’s no harm really but up to you”. I tell her that I don’t feel like getting violated today so I’ll take my chance through the machine but if my baby comes out with any defects, I’m blaming the machine. So after that, I look for my stuff and wonder why it’s taking so long and there’s a security worker that has my bag like “right over here ma’am, I’m going to have to check your bag”. Huuuuuh here we go. Here’s a tip for anyone from St. Louis who packs snacks like I do: If you have chips like Red Hot Riplets, Hot Fries, Flaming Hot Cheetos that have heavy covering on them, they will go off in the security belt scan, just FYI. So he pulls out the first bag of chips like “Oooh the Cardi B’s! You gotta get the Lil Romeo’s”. I replied “those are in there too.” He discovers them and replies “Yeah!” then proceeds to sing “BBQ’in with my honey!!” as if reading the bag cover. He takes everything out of my purse including my wallet and says, we gotta get rid of some of this change. That’s what’s going off. He dumps all of my change in a bin. I didn’t realize it had gotten that full as I have had this happen before and try to keep it low. So that goes back through the belt. He also has my bag and says “let me get this knife out of here”. Whaaaaat? I’m panicking now, trying to think when did I put a knife in my bag? Freak out mode is in session. This is my work bag too so I’m thinking why would I have a knife in my work bag. He finds that knife and I remember that I packed it when we had cake at work to help slice but it was a baby butter knife, literally came with spoon and fork set for s