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My Doctor Didn't Have a Mask!

Let me start by saying that I love my fellow medical professionals and respect them to the utmost for all they do, their knowledge, and partnership with nurses. Since I have moved here to the west coast, I have been striking out in finding healthcare providers that have a standard of care equivalent to what I received in STL. In my hometown, I felt like I established rapport and relationships with them. I felt comfortable in sharing my symptoms, confident in their advise, and if there was something I questioned or needed more info on, they were willing to at least hear me out. Maybe its just a Midwest thang where we have a touch of southern hospitality.

So I went to the doctor for my annual preventative care visit. As soon as I walked in, the receptionist said "hello, you have a copay of $40". I'm like dang, I don't think the door finished closing yet lol. Also, I asked "I still have to pay a copay even though this is a preventive care visit?" The receptionist replies "um, I'm not sure. But you can call your insurance company and if it's wrong, they'll reimburse you". And to make matters worse, this office is still CASH ONLY!! No credit/debit/FSA cards accepted. I just let it go and went on to get weighed. Then the receptionist went on to check my blood pressure. She checked it so fast that I didn't believe the reading. Plus, she barely had the stethoscope on my arm, almost in the air lol. But I digress. Next, the doctor came in...without a mask on. As I scream inside, I try to keep my composure but my eyes popped so far out of my head in amazement, they probably helped close the door lol. I will keep his identity anonymous but I'll call him Dr. Barney. Dr. Barney sat down on a stool and kept his distance in asking initial questions so I assumed he was just keeping the mask off for that reason and planned to put one on for my physical assessment. Nope! After he asked questions, he stated "oh let me run and grab my stethoscope". I put my church finger up and grab his attention saying "hey can you grab a mask too while you're out?!" He looked back with a confused look and replies "um..ok". He returns to the room placing it on and saying to me "I'm not too concerned as there isn't alot of Covid-19 around here in this area". I respond with a sarcastic "really? oh ok", but in my head I'm thinking "I'm not trying to take my chances on the so-called little bit that's out there nor is my finger a barometer to detect the virus by the way the wind blows sir". He appears a little frustrated and pauses saying " can I say this without being degrading...I recommend you look at the website for the American Frontline Doctors as they give the real details on the virus as they are on the frontlines and know the ins and outs of the virus." OK, now you're insulting my intelligence. I know I may look young especially behind the mask but he must've forgotten my credentials. Not bragging or boasting but I felt like he basically wanted to say “girl you don’t know any better. Have several seats and get with the program”. It's bad enough that I look to my right at the sink and the soap looks cruddy with the sink dry as a bone as if no one has washed their hands recently in there. Oh I forgot to highlight, while I was waiting for Dr. Barney to enter the room, I looked down and notice a family reunion of ants on the floor. As I leave out, I tell the receptionist that I'll see her next time and say "p.s. you may want to take a peek at the floor in that room as there are quite a bit of ant buddies in there". After this fun-filled experience, would you remain with the same provider or would you switch?

(**Sidenote: Please don't allow this post to scare you away from getting the care that you need or hesitate in scheduling your annual visit. This was just my own personal experience I wanted to share. Love your doctors and nurses. Speak up for the care you expect.)


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1 Comment

Ib CeCe
Ib CeCe
Aug 20, 2020

Um, I'm leaving, would never return, and switch to a new provider really quick. I dealt with dealing with a rude or uncaring doctor before. I posted about them on the site and switch providers quick. I don't like when doctors don't try to make a personal relationship because it means they don't care about you, nor do they care about how to treat you and will just say or do something to get you out of their office. On to the next one!

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