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My Birthday Weekend!

As you know, my birthday was Friday, August 31st! I must say that it was one of the more enjoyable birthdays. It all started on Friday morning heading to work. I knew there was a celebration planned for one of my co-workers whose last day was that day. To my surprise, I walked to my office door and saw a Mickey Mouse "Happy Birthday" sign. All my staff crowded around saying Happy Birthday and one actually played Stevie Wonder's "MLK Happy Birthday" on his phone. As I opened my office door, I was met with 10+purple balloons on my floor, Disney decorations hanging around, plus a card, Mickey/Minnie/Princess mylar balloons, and a gift bag full of chocolate candy bars. All of my favorite things, so of course, I felt like Oprah lol. It warmed my heart to know people cared. This was the second birthday without my grandma and that definitely helped take some of the sadness away as she used to be the first one to call me and wish me a Happy Birthday. Then, 2 of my coworkers came back and said "that's not all". They brought me Nothing Bundt Cake buntinis cupcakes How awesome! Someone also brought donuts in, brownies, and scones so you know it was a busy day lol. Unfortunately I have been under the weather so I didn't have the most energy and my usual enthusiasm to celebrate but I HAD to push through. Welcome to chapter 35.

On Saturday, I woke up around 6am (after sleeping another night in the recliner in order to breathe well sitting upright) to prepare for the party. We started out with general cleaning and getting the living room furniture put back in place as we were down to the wire last night getting new hardwood flooring put in. (Shout out to Mike, Brake, & Pops) I was able to decorate, wash and style Mariah's hair, get the boys showered, and design 3 shirts before the party started. Whew! Mariah's Crazy 8 Spongebob themed party turned out great. She didn't know about it until the night before and most of her good friends and family showed up. Guests were asked to wear their favorite Spongebob shirt backwards. I was able to put the agenda of the party up in the kitchen, which worked out great so when her friends wondered what was next, they went to the kitchen and read it. It ended promptly at 5pm, with my timing perfect at 4:57. Alright alright alright!! I had to hurry and turn things around quickly in time for my festivities. My cousin Donyale stopped by with her kids and niece to wish Mariah a happy birthday. After they left, Pops took the kids back to his place for the night and I changed clothes for my Paint with a Twist party. Virgo night! Sharing this night with my buddies Kim & Salena. The lead artist Brooklyn was great. He helped us, laughed with us, and was very patient with our lively group. My cousins Mercedes & Auriel showed up for me as well as many others who are closest to Kim and Salena. Afterwards, we went to Pink Galleon where we chilled, played games, and had a night full of laughs. Thanks to everyone who came out, sent a text, phone call, Facebook post, or even prayed for me to have a great birthday! Pics below

And I'm spent....

Good night,

Yo! Mama

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