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Merry Christmas from Yo! Mama’s World 🎄

As we all recover from the exhaustion of the season leading up to this day, let us reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. As this is our first Christmas in Cali, I was very impressed and proud that the kids wanted their dad to read the passage about Christ’s birth from the Bible before they opened their presents. We strive to instill values in them and to always remember who makes it all possible. As many stressful days of parenting as we have, it is rewarding to know that they are listening. I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a special prayer for those who have heavy hearts and things they are going through this season. Please take it a day at a time and know that even though you feel alone, depressed, or overwhelmed, there will be brighter days and warm memories. Love you all!

Happy Holidays,

Yo! Mama Mesh

P.S. Happy 2 months old today to my baby boy Miles!

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