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Memorial Day & Day 1 of my Summer program!

Taking a moment of silence to remember the courageous warriors/soldiers who gave their lives to protect the United States and its people..............WE THANK YOU.

As for the at-home summer program for the kiddos, day 1 will kickoff with St. Louis Cardinals baseball day. For your program, feel free to visit to select your favorite baseball team. For my fellow STL Cards' fans, here are direct links to the site to find some fun worksheets. The teams also may have reading clubs like the Oakland A's. I setup our home library by level. We have tons of beginner books and level 1 but once we get to level 3 & graphic novels, we only have a few. So the deal with the kids is that once they advance to level 3 or complete the graphic novels level, they get to purchase more books from Barnes & Noble. By end of summer, here are their goals:

Marshall's goal (future 1st grade) = to complete at least 25 Level 1 books & advance to Level 2

Michael's goal (future 2nd grade) = to complete at least 20 Level 2 books & advance to Level 3. He is also working on some graphic novels/chapter books.

Mariah's goal (future 5th grade) = to complete at least 10 graphic novels

Fun ideas:

  • Wear favorite baseball team gear or colors

  • Snacks/Lunch - Ballpark food

Movie of the day: Rookie of the Year or The Sandlot (both rated PG)

Stay tuned for LA Lakers day!

- Yo! Mama Mesh

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